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D-Pen Mega Pixel Micro Viewer

An amazing device to observe details of the wonder world great for education cosmetic and jewelry check. It also can be for professional usages such as teaching tool and PCB print textile farming or other inspection job.

令人驚異的裝置,觀察細節的神奇世界,提供教育、 化妝品、 珠寶首飾檢查。它也可以提供專業使用例如教學工具和 PCB方面,列印,如紡織、 農業或其他檢查工作。

  • Dual magnification factors
  • Capture photo and video from PC
  • Compact portable design
  • powered by USB port


* 雙放大係數

* 擷取照片從影片和PC

* 簡潔的可攜式設計

* 可由USB槽供電