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Sinewave Inverter - Super Home Series

  • Pure Sinewave Line Interactive UPS - CE Approved
  • Capacities from 1200VA~13000VA
  • Digital with Microprocessor Control
  • Advanced LCD Control Panel
  • Multifunctional Compatible with Linear and Non-Linear Load
  • Presettable Parameters
  • Automatic Self-Test Function
  • Solar Power Server (Optional)
  • SNMP Adapter Slot (Optional)
  • SNMP Network Management Card (Optional)
  • Power Saving with Highly Efficient Design
  • Low Heat Dissipation for Long Time Operation
  • Fast and Powerful Charger with 40A 50A and 60A.
  • Practical Design Operates with Almost All Type of Batteries up to 500 Ah.
  • 24 Hours Operation for Long Time Back UP
  • Perfect Indoor UPS: clean noise-free and odorless.