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Online UPS - Mega Online 3P1 Series

  • Pure Sinewave Online Double Conversion UPS - CE Approved
  • Capacities from 10KVA ~ 20KVA
  • Three Phase Input Single Phase Output
  • Multiple Microprocessor Control Technology
  • User Friendly LCD Control Panel
  • Built with IGBT Technology
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Cold Start Function
  • Automatic Self-Test Function
  • True RS-232 Communication Interface
  • SNMP Adapter Slot
  • SNMP Network Management Card (Optional)
  • Highly Efficient Design to Save More Energy
  • Low Heat Dissipation for Long Time Operation
  • Ensures Total Reliability to Work Under the Worst Operating Conditions
  • Maximizes Protection against Lightings Surges Disturbances Blackouts etc.
  • Redundancy Parallel Feature Included for Up to 3 Units for 6~20 KVA Units.
  • Long Time Back UP Models Available.
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Available.