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Bicycle Wireless Direction Light













*Use 19 high brightness LED light bulb brightness durable.

*Along with the need to adjust the left and right turn signals is no longer just a simple lamp.

*Lamp range up to 3 meters traffic more secure.

*Easy installation quickly without tools.

*Battery: delivery AAA*2

                Receive AAA*3


Light operation explanation:  
1. Transfer board installs 2 AAA alkaline batteries Receiver board  installs 3 AAA alkaline batteries.  
2. Press "SW1" (power on) and wait for 2 second the led lamp will all blinking.  
3. Switch up the left light blinking; Switch down the right light blinking.   
4. Switch on the middle thd led lamp will all blinking. 

Battery Model  
1. Receiver board: 3 AAA alkaline batteries.  
2. Transfer board : 2 AAA alkaline batteries.  
3. The correct way to replace the battery: Push back Open the back cover.  
4. The effective distance : 3 M.  
5. Lamp life: Warranty for one year.  

Efficiency of the battery:  
1. Receiver board is about 2 hours.(3 AAA alkaline batteries)  
2. Transfer board is about 62.5 hours.(3 AAA  alkaline batteries)  
3. Notes on use of lights: After switch the turn left or turn right switch must reduction  
    in order to avoid the mistaken to the back cars.  

1.傳送板模組裝上2 顆鹼性AAA 電池 接收主板模組裝3 顆鹼性  
AAA 電池 .  
2. 接收主板模組 “ 按 “ SW1  (power on) 等待 2 秒 led 燈全閃亮.  
3. 傳送板模組將滑動開關上撥是左燈箭頭形狀led 閃亮 將滑動開關 下撥是右燈箭頭形狀led 閃亮  
4.傳送板模組將滑動開關撥至中間是 led 燈全閃亮. 

 電池的型號 :  
1. 接收主板模組AAA*  3顆鹼性.  
2.傳送板模組AAA*  2顆鹼性.  
3.電池正確的更換方法 :往後推打開後蓋  
4. 車燈的有效距離 : 3 米.  
5. 車燈的使用壽命 :  保固一年 

1.接收主板模組是 2 小時左右.(AAA*3 ) 鹼性電池.   
2.傳送板模組62.5小時左右.(AAA*3 ) 鹼性電池.  
3.使用車燈的注意事項 :切換左右開關時注意開關一定要還原位以免後方來車誤認為要轉彎